Saturday, February 16, 2008

Ulpur, Gopalganj (Faridpur) District, Bangladesh

Basu-Roy-Chowdhury Hindu Family Home of 40 Generations, Ulpur, Bangladesh

Basu-Roy-Chowdhury Home

One of the Extended Basu-Roy-Chowdhury Family Home;

fled to India after 1947 Partition and anti-Hindu Pogroms

One of the Hindu Basu-Roy-Chowdhury Family Home; now Occupied by Others

Pond of Poplu (Basu) Roy-Chowdhury of Ulpur

Sunset at Ulpur

A Section of One of the Homes of Extended Basu-Roy-Chowdhury Family

One of the Homes of Extended Basu-Roy-Chowdhury Family;

now Occupied by Confiscators

A Memorial to Basu-Roy-Chowdhury Ancestor

Welcoming Mrs. Pratima Roy Chowdhury (c) by Ulpur Residents

Remains of Hindu Basu-Roy-Chowdnury Home; Family Fled to India

19th Century Building Design

19th Century Building Design

Welcoming Visitors, former Residents, 2008

Ancestral Home of Basu Roy Chowdhury Family


Orijoy said...


Please can you tell me a bit more about this trip to Ulpur and the photos and people in them.

I would love to see more photos if you have them even if they are poor quality.

Many thanks.

zernye said...

I would be interested in more pictures as well as an e-mail contact. I am available at
I am descendant of the Basu R.Ch family.
Thank you in advance.

PIULI said...

Hello I m a descendent of basu roy chowdhury family..I will be really glad if u attach more photos in this.I want 2 know about the present condition of the accestral houses.can u please add some more informations about ulpur????

Deborah said...

Hi Piuli

Search on Facebook there is a profile called Ul Pur and a group for people whose families used to live thre.


Empire's Last Casualty said...

Hello Piuli:

I am very sorry that I didn't check my blog's Ulpur for a long, long time. Uplur, my MamaBari that you wrote about way back in 2010. I am Sabyasachi Ghosh Dastidar, in the middle in yellow jacket, with my Didi from Calcutta, also married to a RoyChowdhuty of Ulpur. I live in the U.S. and is a professor. We visit Bangladesh regularly as we support many schools there (and in India) through Probini Foundation,, and now I head an Indian Subcontinent Partition Document Project in NY Also check YouTube Ispad1947.

Please write to me, I will be happy to reply to any question you may have.


Dr. Sabyasachi (Sachi) Dastidar

Sayan roy chowdhury said...

I am Sayan Roy Chowdhury,descendant of the Basu Roy Chowdhury family of Ulpur,Bangladesh. From my grandfather i had heard that my ancestors had zamindari there.Any out there ,either descendant of the Basu R.Chowdhury family or somehow related to it,can you please provide me an insight into my family histoy..I am interested to know about it. I can be reached at

Empire's Last Casualty said...

Please contact my didi, Srimati Pratima Roy Chowdhury, in picture, in Kolkata. There is an Ulpur Ladies Association in Kolkata that meets regularly.

I am sending her phone number in your email address.